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The determination and passion that has driven this project is astounding. Sitting on a 40 acre block the size of Stonefields is almost unfathomable. Paul has drawn on his own experience from previous property St Ambrose Farm, and right from the beginning placed the garden as his priority. It’s symmetry, sight lines and connectedness were all meticulously planned before any construction began. In an inversion of typical building procedures, Paul Bangay’s planned his park-like gardens first and the house, while still having its own aesthetic, was designed very much to complement the gardens and outside space. Stonefields displays a plethora of tress, grasses, flowers and herbs. Fine pebble paths weave through gardens and large pebble paving areas provide a European flair. Paul explains this is something he holds dear and ensures pebble paving has a place in each of his personal projects. Eco Outdoor’s Raven granite is also used throughout the garden and the ground floor of the house as a unifying stone base.