20 Belty Drive, Denver

-37.274828, 144.311923

Take Calder Highway from Melbourne, take first turnoff to Woodend (approx 65km from CBD), go through Woodend township, after going past most of the shops (bakery is on corner) 8km from highway, turn left along the road signposted to Trentham (Forest Street).

Approximately 13kms out of Woodend or half way to Trentham you come to the town of Tylden. Turn right here along the turnoff to Spring Hill at the Spring Hill Nursery. Drive for 9.5km, going through the small township of Spring Hill and continue along. You will start going through some forest and go down a hill and over a small creek. As you start to rise up the hill you will see a road on the right called Mains Road (a gravel road) turn right here.

Take this road for 1.6km until it does a 90 degree turn to the left. At this intersection Belty Drive starts, so continue straight ahead instead of turning left.

The second gate on the right (just after the first house) is 20 Belty Drive, Paul’s property.